Indian Creek Baptist Church
"Where the love of God flows."

Reverend Ralph Caldwell

Sunday School 10:00 A.M.
Sunday Morning Worship 11:00 A.M.
Sunday Evening Worship 6:00 P.M.
Wednesday Night Worship 7:00 P.M.


A Warm Welcome!

When you visit Indian Creek Baptist Church, you will discover that it is home for people who have a passion to know God and honor Him with all of their lives. Because that’s our passion, we place a primary emphasis on teaching God’s Word in practical ways. Week by week, we take the timeless truths of the Bible and apply them to the problems and challenges that we face each day.

We know that choosing a church family can be a tough decision. You may be looking to find a place to develop friendships; or for a relevant message addressing concerns in your life; or maybe you are looking for a church that has ministries for everyone in your family. Whatever you are looking for, we believe we can be an encouragement no matter where you are in life’s journey.

If you are looking for a church family, join us for one of our blessed worship services.

We look forward to meeting you.

Reverend Ralph Caldwell

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Oh Let Me Sing!

I Want To Sing,

With Love and Clarity...

For You My Lord,

Are My Everything...


And when I seem,

to be sad and low,

You pick me up,

Giving me such great hope,


For I know,

that you're always here,

To give me strength,

and wipe away my fears,


Oh I want to sing,

Of love and charity,

And everything,

You give abundantly,


For all I see,

And all I know,

Are of the works,

Which I alone have sown,


Yet I know,

That you're always near,

To wipe the stains,

Made throughout the years,


And the only price,

I had to pay,

Was to love,

You and in your way!


Oh let me sing,

Truths you've shown to me,

That make the path,

One taken easily,

It takes a heart,

So wide and great,

For us to pass,

Heaven's narrow gate,


No priest you need,

Or special occasion,

You just say yes,

For the Lord's redemption,


Oh when he knocks,

You only need answer,

You will be saved,

When the good Lord enters,


Wash away sins,

In the flowing waters,

Then join us all,

God's sons and daughters,


Now get on the path,

Yes, you may falter,

But try again,

You'll reach the altar,


Yes, you are saved,

By faith in His grace,

Forgiven all,

So forgive all you hate,


Rejoice and pray,

For Him often,

So your faith,

Won’t fade or soften,


Know he is there,

When you meet in his name,

Be it Church,

Or just along the way,

Love God,

With all your might,

Love your neighbors,

And all you fight,


For Love of the Lord,

Is love for everything,

And teaches us hope,

Can make the angels sing,


For you are made perfect,

Then corrupted by Sin,

So learn to turn away,

Learn how to repent,


For you are guilty,

When you know you're wrong,

So learn this rule,

To keep yourself strong,


Know that Church,

Is when two or more may meet,

In the Lords name,

There with you -- he will be,


Others who profess to be,

Believers saved by his blood,

Are not to be disputed,

When you all share his love,


And should others,

Have other beliefs,

About their faith,

Tread carefully,


Do not afford,

Stumbling blocks,

For faith is hard,

For those who are lost,

Just know his way,

Requires our whole belief,

Including the steps,

We feel needed to receive,


Oh and then once,

Your faith in His Grace is whole,

Build upon your faith,

And continue to grow,


So you in turn,

Offer a road to faith,

From what you've learned,

Of the hope which saves,


For hope needs faith,

And faith needs belief,

And this is all you need,

For salvation’s receipt,


So join me and sing...

With Love and Clarity...

For Jesus our Lord,

Is our everything!

- I love you!

The Lord's Greatest Gift

The Lord Taught Us It Is Better To Give Than To Receive...
But you must accept a gift... to receive it.

First we must help others to receive...
So they can...
Then give in kind...

The Lord's Greatest Gift!

- I love you!

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